Part 1

Thank you for wanting to hear what I have to say! I know you are fed up with dieting, starving, beating yourself up with workouts and not getting or keeping the results you work and sacrifice so much for.

I was there! I KNOW what it feels like to follow all the "RULES" and be miserable doing so. I KNOW what it’s like to constantly think about dieting, working out and not being FREE and able to eat like a NORMAL PERSON.

I have been on both sides. I have been the coach that preached "eating clean" and all the damn rules that are impossible to follow.

I have also been the girl that had the RULES fail me, leaving me 235 lbs, miserable, depressed and missing out on life because I was ‘hiding from the world’.

And now, I’m the girl who eats what she wants on a daily basis and has people come up to her in restaurants and say "WOW! You are so lucky! I wish I could eat like you and look the way you do".

Guess what?! YOU HONESTLY CAN!!

Today I am going to rip apart and debunk 4 dieting RULES that are complete BS! The rules I thought I had to follow in order to have the body I wanted. The rules that have left me and hundreds of my clients stuck in dieting prison for far too many years.

So without more yapping from me, watch the videos below to learn what rules are complete BS and start BREAKING THEM TODAY to live a HAPPIER, HEALTHIER and HIGHER QUALITY OF LIFE!

Please let me know which myth or rule has kept you ‘imprisoned’ the most and I’ll help you break free!

Have a kick-ass day!


PS- In the past 8 years alone, I have...

  • Lost over 65 lbs by eating what I want everyday and have maintained my weight for 7yrs.
  • Helped almost 700 men and women lose over 16,000 pounds and KEEP IT OFF for LIFE.
  • Helped folks get off their blood pressure, thyroid and insulin medications.

Here is a word from Madison:

"Hi Skye, Just wanted to check in and say I have officially lost 51 lbs since starting your program 6 months ago! It feels so good to be able to do the things I love without being held back by the weight!

I'm not working out at all, just staying busy with work. I always thought I HAD to "workout" to get proved me wrong- thank you!

The best thing about your program is not stressing about food! I eat to get full, eat what I want but am in full control, even after eating a candy bar! I used to want to binge, and I don't anymore! Thank you for also helping me to change my mindset! This is so important in making this a lifestyle! I feel like the woman who all the other women look at while eating "something yummy and unhealthy" and they say "I wish I could look like her and eat like that"! Anyone can! Seriously! This is the easiest, most realistic program I've ever done! I wish I had found you years ago! I would have saved me so much anguish, suffering, and money! I don't even want to think about how much money I've spent on dieting over the past few years."


Part 2

Question for ya…If you could wave a magic wand and eat how YOU want to eat, what would your day look like? What would you eat and when?

Question #2: If you’re already eating when and what you want, are you happy with your health? I sure hope so!

Life is short, and meant to be enjoyed! To me, that means having the health to do whatever I want to do but to also enjoy great food, social events and LIFE.

Let’s face it, just about everything in this modern-day life revolves around food and drink. We celebrate, relax, mourn and entertain with food.

I LOVE food! I tried for 18 miserable years to force myself to eat foods I didn’t really want because I thought it was the only way to get the body I wanted.

In video #1 I told you a bit about my struggles and how I lost over 65lbs and have kept it off for dang near 8 years by BREAKING ALL THE DIETING RULES! If you missed it, view the Part 1 video above.

I hope I got the gears a turning in your head and maybe you are realizing that you don’t have to be miserable and follow all the damn dieting rules that are IMPOSSIBLE to stick with long term!

Now, here in the Part 2 video, I’m going to show you HOW to eat WHAT YOU want without having to count points, carry color coded containers, meal prep, or follow another worthless diet ever again!

And speaking of meal prep and color coded (21 day fix diet) containers, Christine knew that didn’t work for her, so she joined my No Rules Diet program…

"I'm not one for fluffing my own feathers but as of this morning, I am down 20lbs since I have started. For over a year I worked out 2x a day for 30-60 min each time on top of my farm work/chores. I tried the 21 day fix and eating according to the color coded containers which sucked. I hate meal prep, packing food with me and all the cooking and dish washing that came with it!! I don't know how much money I've wasted on dieting and supplements, Isagenix, and other fads. NEVER did any of those give me the results I am seeing with your No Rules Diet!! This change of thinking and this entire program is the best thing I've ever done for myself!! It's exactly what I needed! Thank you!"

—Christine K. 54 years old.

Anyway, onwards and upwards. Below is the Part 2 video!

Make sure and let me know your thoughts or if you have any questions!


Part 3

I eat Cake for breakfast several times a month, and often 1-2x a week.

I LOVE cake. So much that it caused me to lose $50 to my little brother when I was 13.

Like I’ve told you in videos Part 1 and Part 2, I was a closet eater and binger. Well here’s an embarrassing episode…

My mom is an OUTSTANDING COOK. She cooked on wilderness pack trips and hunting camps for many years. We were so fortunate to grow up eating HOMEADE EVERYTHING. Everything she made was from scratch. Noodles, cinnamon rolls, cake, etc.

Well she made my favorite chocolate cake one day as she often did, and I had previously told my entire family only a few days before that I wasn’t eating sugar, candy, cake or anything YUMMY again. My little brother, Matt, knew me and my habits of eating "treats" in secret or in hiding.

So he bet me $50 that I would eat a piece of cake before it was gone. So being hard headed, stubborn as a sulky mule, and wanting to prove something to both he and myself, I accepted.

It’s funny isn’t it? When you tell yourself you CAN’T have something, you seem to want it more than ever. Even if you didn’t really want it to begin with…Anyway, just the constant thought of the cake and the bet made me want the cake 1,000Xs more. I did good all day and evening. Then in the middle of the night when everyone was asleep, I snuck into the kitchen and had not 1 slice, but ½ of a 9x13" cake!

Well, needless to say, I lost the bet, but I was so embarrassed. My entire family looked at me the next morning and KNEW I had eaten ½ the cake…Matt still reminds of that bet several times a year.

Anyway, in the Part 3 video, I’m going to show you how to enjoy your favorite foods so you don’t have to binge on them, and show you how to do it as frequently as you want with a few key HABITS, MINDSET SHIFTS, and SMALL ADJUSTMENTS you can make NOW to ensure you don’t lose your $50!

See ya in a bit.


PS- Phil LOVED eating CAKE FOR BREAKFAST! He changed his mindset, and lost 120lbs when he STOPPED the liquid protein diet, cardboard tasting NUTRISYSTEM meals, and WENT SKYDIVING!

"When I found Skye, I was in a bad place…I won't go into all of the personal details of how I got to that point, but lets just say I was 150+ pounds overweight, had spent the past year in the hospital and I couldn't do anything but sit. Even a short walk across my driveway was a struggle. I literally had no life. Skye changed that.

She not only helped me lose 120+ pounds in 18 months, helped me get off of and reduce the medications I was taking, but she gave me the most important gift of all… LIFE!!

She helped me get my health back to where I had felt better than I had in 20 years. I am living life to the fullest!

I am skydiving, riding horses, hunting and everything in between. I am in my 70's and feeling like I'm 40!

I cannot express how priceless Skye's program has been in my life. If you want something REALISTIC, something that doesn't put rules or restrictions on you and something that is enjoyable, DO THIS FOR YOURSELF NOW! Life is short, and trust me, you want to get everything out of it you can!

Skye is down to earth, real and has common sense. She not only has a rockin' body, but is the most genuine and caring gal I've ever met! She wants you to succeed more than you do! She knows what real life is like. She lost a bunch of weight herself, and has found a realistic way to keep it off! Trust me, I've seen her out eat 3 men more than once!

All I can say is life is priceless. If you're not living it to the fullest, eating steak, drinking beer and are living in a gym…WAKE UP!

Skye, thank you is not enough, but you know how I feel!!! You gave me my life back and I get to eat cake for breakfast if I want!"

—Phil C. 72 years old.